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Regarding Certain Posts

Hello Writers and Lighters, Rosie here. I just wanted to give a heads up on some creative projects I have going on right now. I am playing around with creating … Continue reading Regarding Certain Posts

It’s Been A While

Dragon Time

So, it’s been like, what? 1 1/2 years, almost 2 since I last posted…

In internet speak, I might as well have said it was an eternity.

I lot has happened since I last wrote. I spoke for the first time as a feature reader for PAWA. I worked for three non-profits. And…

I moved. I moved out of state for the first time. Always a water child I heart, I moved to a wet and wonderful place known as Washington State. Specifically, I live in Edmonds now, a small town with a ferry and a beautiful view of MT. Rainier.

New place, new job, new everything.

The only consistent in my life has been my desire to write and read for a living and also for the rest of my life. I hope to post more here, in a steady stream of once a week news, advice, reviews, etc. This has been my resolution for a long time but I never seemed to be able to justify writing a post … or anything for that matter.

The reason?


I hate the word, I hate that it governs everything, and I hate the fact that I have tied my self worth to it.

So, knowing that my self-worth is tied to money — I have purchased the domain Starting in a few days, this blog will be seen at this address.

I have place my money where my heart is.

With time, hard work, a lot of writing, and a lot more reading, I hope to get myself to a regular schedule of writing.

To that end, let’s set a date. Saturday, the 13th, I will post again. This time, something with more substance and less of a life update.

Until then,



and pancakes.



Hi all! Rosie, here, reporting from ye olde laptop with a special announcement. This is the first Monday of NaNoWriMo! I’m already about 7,000 words into the event and wanted to update you find folks with that bit of info. Periodically, I will update this blog with an update as to how many words am I in. The goal is 50,000 by the end of the month. That’s roughly 1, 667 words a day. After completely 47 rough drafts of poems for this year (not counting classroom poems and random freewrites), I’m feeling confident that at the very least I’ll end November with the beginning of a novel.

Let’s see, in other news, I’ve been submitting word to various places around the Bay Area and I’ll update you on that progress as I hear back from them.

Thank is all, for now.

As always, keep on writing.


Dragon Updates

So, as I mentioned in my last post, it’s been a while since I updated ye old blog. A lot has happened in the past 3 months. There have been Quiet Lightning readings, Saturday Night Special readings, a new series of poems published (2nd publication, for me, as a poet), and a lot of bay hopping. EGADS there’s been a lot of bay hopping. But all of it is worthwhile because everything I do informs and shapes my writing. I’m proud because in the past couple of months I’ve applied for Cave Canem, Kundiman, Writing Without Walls, and Quiet Lightning. Unfortunately, I did not get accepted into Cave Canem and Kundiman. My work may be not up to speed for these retreats or the programs  just had too many wonderful writers applied that they had to turn some away even though they enjoyed the work. Either way, despite the initial feelings of disappointment, I am glad I applied and I am glad I was rejected. Because rejection makes one a better artist and a better human being (more on that in another post).

Yet, in the same time span as the Cave Canem and Kundiman application process, two reading series/publications were accepting submissions: Writing Without Walls and Quiet Lightning.  Everyone knows about my first poetic publication through Writing Without Walls and now its time to announce my second. Now, without further ado, here’s me reading the poems published in Sparkle + Blink. Enjoy!

Before I log off for the night, I do have two quick announcements. First, I’ve begun a new blog where I’ll be posting photos I’ve taken for fun and inspirations, art journals I’ve made, books I’ve bound, and images I’ve found around the web and beyond. It’s sorta a photo album of sorts but I hope to expand it in the future as a place where I can express my deep love of visual arts and share my appreciation of professional artists in the field to others.

The second announcement is to get all you poets and literary types ready for this summer’s Beast Crawl! Beast Crawl is, for Californian locals, the East Bay Literary Pub Crawl. It is a literary arts performance series that will take place on July 7th from 5 pm to 9pm. There will be 25 different venues and about 125 writers and performers. For more information, check out the link. Unfortunately, I’ll be in Seattle during that time (for reasons pertaining to adventure if you must know… ^_^) so I won’t be there on the 7th but I do advise anyone who loves writers, writing, and literature of all sorts to attend. It promises to be a blast.


An update, of sorts in order to appease the audience

By this, I mean, that I hope to make the reader understand that my long absence from this blog is in no way related to an absence in the writing world. Far from it.

Since the beginning of school, I’ve been going to and fro various cultural events throughout the Bay Area.

September brought  on readings, after readings, after readings! The first one I attended (and read at) was Sparring with Beatnik Ghosts. There I discovered Dharma Dollars and the psychedelic world at the heart of the Berkeley Art scene.

I was also able to attend a poetry reading known as Saturday Night Special. Maxine Chernoff, director of the Creative Writing Department at San Francisco State University, read there along with me and a few other poets that night. Since it was my birthday, there was a lot family there to support my readings. Ms. Chernoff even ate with us! I couldn’t have planned for a better night.

This past summer, I discovered Writing Without Walls, a Bay Area Literary Reading Series. I attended one event before school began and swore to myself that I will submit to their publication. By November, I finally had my chance to. Below was the result.

I am finally a published poet! There were so many other writers and artists that I felt so inspired to write some more. My current practice is to write one poem a week during and after break, so as to keep up the craft.

That being said, I hope to also keep up the blog so long as I’m writing poems and reviews. As always, pending life’s mysterious events, I will keep you all posted on advice, events, and reviews around the literary scene.

Stay calm and keep reading!

Happy Holidays.



Hello All!

Been a while since my last post and for that I apologize. Life happens and when it does all we can do is jot down a quick note on some thought that struck us in the heat of the moment (sometimes this is much better than saying that thought aloud among present company). BUT, despite the ups and downs of life I somehow managed to read over the cold San Francisco summer days. In honor of the books that kept my sanity intact among economic woes and daring  journeys across bays, I present to you BOOK REVIEWS!

I wrote these reviews for WriterAdvice, a website that promotes authors through interviews , book reviews, and contest postings. If you’re an author or just simply love books, I highly recommend checking out this website.

Now without further ado, here come the book reviews…in the following posts. ^_^

Update and advice

Hi everyone,

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while. When life happens, it rarely gives you time (or energy) to take it all in while writing. If you follow me on Facebook or know we personally, you probably have a good idea as to why I haven’t updated in a while.

But to recap for those not-in-the-know:

1) Resigned from full-time job

2) Helping my family with various issues (not going into that here)

3) Trying to organize life

4) Health issues

This is, of course,  just a summary but it does hit on something I think all writers have to deal with in their own lives.

Things that inform and simultaneously get in the way of our writing. Be it tragic events or happy ones, there are just so much to life that demands our attention away from the craft. How do professional writer’s manage their time is a constant question I deal with and the answer often bowls down to prioritization and sacrifice. You may have to sacrifice something in order to get your work done but you need to prioritize the things and people in your life in order to find out what can and cannot be sacrificed.

A good way to deal with this, is to think of what you can and cannot live without.

Can you live without updating your Facebook or reading a webcomic for 15 minutes? Yes. Can you live with not seeing your sister who is in the hospital? Most likely no.

That was easy, but what about everyday issues like bills, job, school, taxes, etc.

Those too can be prioritize, but just in a different manner. Think of how much time a task takes to complete, if you have everything you need to get it done, and when it needs to be done. Bills? Are they due tomorrow or next month? School? When is that presentation due?

The best advice I can give for the job issue is to never take it home with you, unless you work from home (in which case designate a time when you stop working everyday and just don’t go back to it for the rest of the day).

Other time management skills and tips exist out there, so find the one that works best for you. These are just some that have helped me, recently.

The most important tip for writers, however, is to never go a day without writing. Write anything, even if it is a word you like. The practice is apart of the craft. As with any craft, if you don’t practice you don’t improve.

This has been a public announcement by Rose.

Take care now.


Where did all the poems go?!?!

Did some evil hacker decide to break into a writer’s account and destroy everything?

*le gasp*

No. That didn’t happen. Hey everyone, your fearless writer here. I was recently given some very good advice that each beginning writer (and everyone in general) should be aware of:

Blogging = publishing.

What this means is that until the great publishing lords and ladies have decided where in the hierarchy that is publishing, e-publishing falls under, it hurts my chances (and the chances for anyone else) to have my amutuer work up already. To better understand it, think of it from a publisher’s point-of-view: you submit your original piece of work and they think they are getting a exclusive-never-before-published piece of art. They do their background check, and WHAM they find that the exclusive piece has been spotted online… for free … either on the author’s blog or somewhere else. Either way, all the time (and time =$) they spent on an exclusive goes down the drain and you are dropped like a hot sack of molasses.

So I removed all the draft poem.

I am not, however, removing the story bits on the basis that as far as I can tell certain writers have gained the popular vote and thus the publisher’s favor that way. I just won’t have anymore “free-writes” up for a while on either CPU or DL.

In my personal opinion, neither my poems or my stories are not ready for publishing and therefore shall not be seen here anymore.

Does that mean I won’t pot as much or as often anymore?

Not a chance.

It means, however, that I will be using this space for other things related to the craft of writing. This includes, but is not limited to, techniques, styles, sage advice from published and weathered writers, random bits of inspiration, and ice cream (because the frosty goodness makes the world go round).

So yes, you will not be seeing my work on here any more, but you will be given notice when I have written new pieces, when and where I have submitted them to any contests, and anything else surrounding their very existence.

With that said, LONG LIVE EARTH HOUR!

Piece, love and pancakes,