Update and advice

Hi everyone,

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while. When life happens, it rarely gives you time (or energy) to take it all in while writing. If you follow me on Facebook or know we personally, you probably have a good idea as to why I haven’t updated in a while.

But to recap for those not-in-the-know:

1) Resigned from full-time job

2) Helping my family with various issues (not going into that here)

3) Trying to organize life

4) Health issues

This is, of course,  just a summary but it does hit on something I think all writers have to deal with in their own lives.

Things that inform and simultaneously get in the way of our writing. Be it tragic events or happy ones, there are just so much to life that demands our attention away from the craft. How do professional writer’s manage their time is a constant question I deal with and the answer often bowls down to prioritization and sacrifice. You may have to sacrifice something in order to get your work done but you need to prioritize the things and people in your life in order to find out what can and cannot be sacrificed.

A good way to deal with this, is to think of what you can and cannot live without.

Can you live without updating your Facebook or reading a webcomic for 15 minutes? Yes. Can you live with not seeing your sister who is in the hospital? Most likely no.

That was easy, but what about everyday issues like bills, job, school, taxes, etc.

Those too can be prioritize, but just in a different manner. Think of how much time a task takes to complete, if you have everything you need to get it done, and when it needs to be done. Bills? Are they due tomorrow or next month? School? When is that presentation due?

The best advice I can give for the job issue is to never take it home with you, unless you work from home (in which case designate a time when you stop working everyday and just don’t go back to it for the rest of the day).

Other time management skills and tips exist out there, so find the one that works best for you. These are just some that have helped me, recently.

The most important tip for writers, however, is to never go a day without writing. Write anything, even if it is a word you like. The practice is apart of the craft. As with any craft, if you don’t practice you don’t improve.

This has been a public announcement by Rose.

Take care now.



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