An update, of sorts in order to appease the audience

By this, I mean, that I hope to make the reader understand that my long absence from this blog is in no way related to an absence in the writing world. Far from it.

Since the beginning of school, I’ve been going to and fro various cultural events throughout the Bay Area.

September brought  on readings, after readings, after readings! The first one I attended (and read at) was Sparring with Beatnik Ghosts. There I discovered Dharma Dollars and the psychedelic world at the heart of the Berkeley Art scene.

I was also able to attend a poetry reading known as Saturday Night Special. Maxine Chernoff, director of the Creative Writing Department at San Francisco State University, read there along with me and a few other poets that night. Since it was my birthday, there was a lot family there to support my readings. Ms. Chernoff even ate with us! I couldn’t have planned for a better night.

This past summer, I discovered Writing Without Walls, a Bay Area Literary Reading Series. I attended one event before school began and swore to myself that I will submit to their publication. By November, I finally had my chance to. Below was the result.

I am finally a published poet! There were so many other writers and artists that I felt so inspired to write some more. My current practice is to write one poem a week during and after break, so as to keep up the craft.

That being said, I hope to also keep up the blog so long as I’m writing poems and reviews. As always, pending life’s mysterious events, I will keep you all posted on advice, events, and reviews around the literary scene.

Stay calm and keep reading!

Happy Holidays.



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