It’s Been A While

Dragon Time

So, it’s been like, what? 1 1/2 years, almost 2 since I last posted…

In internet speak, I might as well have said it was an eternity.

I lot has happened since I last wrote. I spoke for the first time as a feature reader for PAWA. I worked for three non-profits. And…

I moved. I moved out of state for the first time. Always a water child I heart, I moved to a wet and wonderful place known as Washington State. Specifically, I live in Edmonds now, a small town with a ferry and a beautiful view of MT. Rainier.

New place, new job, new everything.

The only consistent in my life has been my desire to write and read for a living and also for the rest of my life. I hope to post more here, in a steady stream of once a week news, advice, reviews, etc. This has been my resolution for a long time but I never seemed to be able to justify writing a post … or anything for that matter.

The reason?


I hate the word, I hate that it governs everything, and I hate the fact that I have tied my self worth to it.

So, knowing that my self-worth is tied to money — I have purchased the domain Starting in a few days, this blog will be seen at this address.

I have place my money where my heart is.

With time, hard work, a lot of writing, and a lot more reading, I hope to get myself to a regular schedule of writing.

To that end, let’s set a date. Saturday, the 13th, I will post again. This time, something with more substance and less of a life update.

Until then,



and pancakes.



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