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First an apology

I must apologize for not updating the blog during NaNoWriMo. Sorry, but I was not able to finish any story this time around. Instead, I outlined about 2 novel length stories and one short story during this time.

CPU’s basic story plot has been outline and just needs to have me sit down and put some meat on the bones, so to speak.

Dragon’s Lair is a tricky one, though. I have the Prologue outlined, down to where I know how many main characters will take center stage, but I have yet to begin finishing it up. The issue is a simple one really: I lack a conflict for the MC.

Within the prologue there is Baloo the bugbear, who acts as the MC for the prologue. His conflict is easy to get to and one that is familiar to most people. Once it is resolved though, the root of the conflict is still there. I suppose the easiest thing to do about the novel’s MC would be to have her (yahoo for gender identification — took me two months before November to decide on gender . . . a boy would have been good only if … well … you’ll see) deal with the root of the original conflict, which itself speaks to the larger issue of the story which I will give away now.

Dragon’s Lair will be deal with the question of What do we do, as a society, with the “Other?”

The Other is, of course, subjective. If you are an English major walking through a Science convention, you may be considered other, and visa versa.

The question applies to society as a whole when the definitions of the Other become more general. Obviously, the Mystics are the Other but for the particular MC I have in mind, she will be an Other among Others among Others. So she is triple removed from the larger society.

Twist is simple and it is the reason for the mental block: SHE DOESN’T CARE . . . in the beginning.

The large conflict has yet to be established through smaller ones . . . which make up the big one. So, in a sense, I am stuck with the image of a pie and the recipe but no ingredients and my oven blew up due to over-use and lack of care.

Hence the lack of a finished novel.

Lame excuse but an excuse it is.

The point of me writing all this down and posting it, however, is because this “failure” is also a part of the writing process.

If you don’t fall flat on your face a couple of times, you will never be able to know where the ground is in relation to the sky.

It’s also a humbling process — you become less incline to judge a piece of art, literary, visual, musical, etc, harshly when you know what went into making the finished product. On the flip-side, when a poorly crafted piece of what-some-call-art becomes popular to the point that you cannot walk into Church without seeing somewhere totting the image of the art around, well . . . then you begin to feel cheated. . .

But it takes years to know the difference between fluff and substance.

As for the stories that I am working on, I WILL continue to post updates on them as sections of the stories are main. Yes they will be first drafts and yes I will edit them later. The edits however will not be posted because by the time the stories are edited down, I plan on sending them to publication of some sort.

This is the writing business from start to finish, and I plan to take you through the journey by example.

On a personal note, I plan to take Advance Poetry Writing next semester at SFSU. It is being taught by Camile Dungy ( She is an amazing poet, whose work I highly admire.

What poems I create will probably be seen here throughout the semester, so stay tuned for new works.

See you online!



This is a quick update on the progress on both stories:

I’ve outlined the prologue of Dragon’s Lair a bit.
Need a name for the city where the story takes place. Perferably Greecian.
CPU has been put on backburner.
A new story idea has taken up my brain-space and for now the working title is Suicide Box.
The basic permise of this story is that there is a Main character (MC) whose life story is reflected on while walking towards the Golden Gate bridge. It is clear that this person has been suffering and/or is suffering from sucidal tendencies. It is unclear whether or not MC will commit suicide as the story unfolds.
This story is inspired by personal life traumas, Iricdescent by Linkin Park, Several songs by the Fray, One Republic, Josh Groban, and other musicians.
This story is very personal and may even be acted out by yours truly.
Don’t worry.
There is a happy ending in the works.
As far as word count goes, until I type up everything I don’t have a word count. If I had a scanner I would simply scan all my handwritten work but alas, I do not have one as of it.
Hope this update suffices.
Talk to you on the Cyber-side.
Peace, love, and Pancakes,

Zulema Event Update

Hello all and happy Halloween!

This is a quick update before the beginning of NaNoWriMon.

On thursday November 4th is Zulema’s book release and as such I’ve been helping promote it the best way I can: spamming friends, family, and collegues through facebook, emails, etc.

One less annoying way of advertising Zulema’s book release is simply by blogging about the event and the people surrounding it.

For your informational needs, then, I present to you Fourteen Hills’ blog:

Local Events in SF Bay Area

Hello all,

This is a quick update (news on how APE 2010 went will come at a later time).

I think I failed to announce that I am currently taking a class called Fourteen Hills Literary Magazine. In all truth, though, this is more like an internship than an actual academic class. I am being schooled daily, through real-life experiences, just what it takes to hold down a full-time day job WHILE being apart of a literary magazine. I may grumble sometimes about the juggling act (as some of my close associates know), but I would not through away this experience for the world. Certain aspects of it, yes, but not the experience.

Beyond personal gain, however, this class/internship allows me to hear about events that are of the literary persuasion. Most take place in or around SF, so if you are in the area, please stop on by.

One event, in particular, is the release of Zulema Summerfield’s debut novel. The following information is directly from Fourteen Hills’ blog. (

Join us on Nov. 4, 2010, as we celebrate the release of Summerfield’s “revelatory” debut novel. You won’t want to miss seeing this up-and-coming author at the beginning of her career. Stay tuned for our interview with her, as well as more details on the sure-to-be-rocking release party.

Everything Faces All Ways at Once Release Party
Thursday, November 4, 2010
1141 Polk Street
San Francisco, CA
(415) 377-3325 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              (415) 377-3325      end_of_the_skype_highlighting
$12 donation (includes a copy of the book)

Zulema Renee Summerfield is originally from Redlands, CA. Her writing has appeared in Transfer Magazine, Sand Canyon Review, Chaffey Review, We Still Like, and 580 Split. She won the 2008 Clark/Gross Novel-in-Progress Contest as well as honorable mention in the 2009 Zoetrope Allstory Fiction Contest (judged by Yiyun Li). She received her MFA from San Francisco State University, and now lives “all over the place” with her husband, The Incredible Hulk, and their two cats.

As a staff member for this semester I will be there (it is a requirement). So if you can, I greatly encourage everyone to come.

This now concludes this week’s update. Now go to bed, work, school, and/or any of your other responsibilities.

Peace, love, and Pancakes.


Updates, Events and Upcoming News

First off, I  apologize for the lack of updates. I, the semi-fearless leader of Dragon’s Lair, have had more then a little bit of life-changing experiences lately.

Where to begin, where to begin …?

Well, I suppose the best place to begin is with my grand escape back in May. Yep, I have official joined the ranks of other college educated Americans worldwide. With my BA in English from UC Berkeley under my belt,  I dived head first into both graduate school and job applications. In truth, I had already applied for graduate school during my last year of college, but the waiting part, oh the waiting … the anticipation … how it is both thrilling and torturous … well that might as well be included in the application process (for logistical and sanity-related reasons). In a strange twist of fate, I’ve succeed in both endeavors: I now work a full-time job in SF while going to school for my MA part-time at SFSU.

Normally this leads to fan-fare, congratulatory hugs and kisses, and champagne flowing like water from the Russian River. However, this being my life, no such celebratory actions (beyond a close intimate dinner with friends and then with family) took place. Instead the past months have been a whirlwind of moving (found a temporary room in SF), job acclimation (Berkeley is nothing compared to a 40 hour work day), and graduate school work (the training wheels are off). Add my desire to keep my social life in tact (friends) and to do what is right by the ones I love the most (family), I have had little time to update as regularly as I should.

Does this mean the end of Dragon’s Lair? Will the dream end here just to be turned into yet another half-started day dream of an inspiring writer?

Please, if you have to ask that you don’t know this bibliophile/workaholic.

What it means is that for a while the postings will be infrequent at best, but they will happen. All I ask if for your patience.

New poetry, stories, photos and the like will be posted in the (hopefully) near future. Most postings will be about local artistic events, lectures, nonprofits, and such. Notification of these will depend on how soon I learn of them through the grapevine. If you have an event and wish for it to be announced here, please feel free to drop me a line at

Speaking of events, boy is San Francisco chock-full of them! With particular interest to Dragon’s Lair is APE 2010.

APE, the Alternative Press Expo, happens this Saturday and Sunday at the Concourse Exhibition Center. This is a great opportunity to connect with other visual artists, writers, independent publishers, and distributors. There is so much to learn and do during the 2 day event. More info can be found on the APE website:

Of course, I will be there but not as one of the tables (just another patron). But with any luck, Dragon’s Lair will be there next year.

In other news, October is half-way through which brings us closer to the all-encompassing month of November. Or as those who sacrifice sleep would know,  NATIONAL NOVEL WRITING MONTH! **cue mandatory lightening bolts**

November is National Novel Writing Month, a month where, for some bizarre and unfathomable reason, writers everywhere, from all walks of life, attempt to write one first draft of a full-length novel in one month. It is grueling 4 weeks and 3 days of non-stop writing. I will not lie, last year was a total failure. I barely made it to 2, 000 words. But this year is the year!

Why you may ask? How will you, who now works 40 hours a week, has two night classes and commutes home every weekend have time to write a full-length novel in 30 days?

One word: Blogging.

Starting November 1st, I will post the unedited 1st draft as it is being written. Grammar mistakes, spelling errors and a shamble of a plot-line will cover the front pages of Dragon’s Lair for 30 days.

Why demonstrate a terrible first draft to the world?

Why not?

Dragon’s Lair is about art and nothing but art! However, something that most people don’t want to admit is that to create art, you have to get messy. Clay is found in the ground along with feces, death and decay, yet we still use it to create fine china. Proof in point, look at your dishes, and try to find one that is worth something but didn’t come from dirt. Try it. Go on. I’ll wait.

Giants are doing well this year.



No one usually wants to see someone digging out the clay, because it is hard, dirty work (I say usually because of the show Dirty Jobs … for some reason when Mike Rowe is involved everyone wants to watch a man put male turkey semen into a female turkey… go figure).

So, to demonstrate the creative process, encourage younger writers to get off their facebook pages and create, and to foster a sense of community among other NaNoWriMO travelers, I will post my “shame.”

With any luck, some porcelain can be found under all the rubble.

To recap:

updates will happen more often, but still be sporadic


And let the preparations for NaNoWriMo begin!

Peace, love and pancakes


And We Are Back … Sorta

Hello all! Sorry for the delay in posts. As they say: “Life happens, but the show must go on!”

Today’s post is an announcement:

Fourteen Hills & Eleven Eleven
Litcrawl 2010

Fourteen Hills and Eleven Eleven present: Voices that Carry
Highlighting work from recent issues o the San Francisco State University Review and the California College of the Arts Journal.
Come hear them spill their words across the starry night.

October 9
8:30-9:30Pm (Phase 3)
Muddy’s Coffee House
1304 Valencia Street (@24th Street)
San Francisco, CA 94110