Regarding Certain Posts

Hello Writers and Lighters,

Rosie here. I just wanted to give a heads up on some creative projects I have going on right now. I am playing around with creating poetry that is interactive and invites readers to explore beyond the page. The first poem like this for the site is Unseen. If you select the text with your mouse cursor, the whole poem is revealed. The second poem, which is more of a test run, to be honest, is Corrupted. The gibberish in the text body is encoded in Base 64. Decode it using any decode site online and it will reveal a text. Likewise, the QR code will give you another strain of gibberish. Scan and repeat.

I want to see if these more interactive poems would interest readers and other writers.

My next poem is taking a bit longer because of the form it is taking but hopefully it will be done in the next week.

I look forward to playing with you all.



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