This is a quick update on the progress on both stories:

I’ve outlined the prologue of Dragon’s Lair a bit.
Need a name for the city where the story takes place. Perferably Greecian.
CPU has been put on backburner.
A new story idea has taken up my brain-space and for now the working title is Suicide Box.
The basic permise of this story is that there is a Main character (MC) whose life story is reflected on while walking towards the Golden Gate bridge. It is clear that this person has been suffering and/or is suffering from sucidal tendencies. It is unclear whether or not MC will commit suicide as the story unfolds.
This story is inspired by personal life traumas, Iricdescent by Linkin Park, Several songs by the Fray, One Republic, Josh Groban, and other musicians.
This story is very personal and may even be acted out by yours truly.
Don’t worry.
There is a happy ending in the works.
As far as word count goes, until I type up everything I don’t have a word count. If I had a scanner I would simply scan all my handwritten work but alas, I do not have one as of it.
Hope this update suffices.
Talk to you on the Cyber-side.
Peace, love, and Pancakes,


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