Where did all the poems go?!?!

Did some evil hacker decide to break into a writer’s account and destroy everything?

*le gasp*

No. That didn’t happen. Hey everyone, your fearless writer here. I was recently given some very good advice that each beginning writer (and everyone in general) should be aware of:

Blogging = publishing.

What this means is that until the great publishing lords and ladies have decided where in the hierarchy that is publishing, e-publishing falls under, it hurts my chances (and the chances for anyone else) to have my amutuer work up already. To better understand it, think of it from a publisher’s point-of-view: you submit your original piece of work and they think they are getting a exclusive-never-before-published piece of art. They do their background check, and WHAM they find that the exclusive piece has been spotted online… for free … either on the author’s blog or somewhere else. Either way, all the time (and time =$) they spent on an exclusive goes down the drain and you are dropped like a hot sack of molasses.

So I removed all the draft poem.

I am not, however, removing the story bits on the basis that as far as I can tell certain writers have gained the popular vote and thus the publisher’s favor that way. I just won’t have anymore “free-writes” up for a while on either CPU or DL.

In my personal opinion, neither my poems or my stories are not ready for publishing and therefore shall not be seen here anymore.

Does that mean I won’t pot as much or as often anymore?

Not a chance.

It means, however, that I will be using this space for other things related to the craft of writing. This includes, but is not limited to, techniques, styles, sage advice from published and weathered writers, random bits of inspiration, and ice cream (because the frosty goodness makes the world go round).

So yes, you will not be seeing my work on here any more, but you will be given notice when I have written new pieces, when and where I have submitted them to any contests, and anything else surrounding their very existence.

With that said, LONG LIVE EARTH HOUR!

Piece, love and pancakes,



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