Poems, poems everywhere, but never enough ink.

Hi Everyone!

Got two new poems coming right at ya. Both are inspired by The Network by Jena Osman. It’s a fabulous book and I highly recommend it to anyone who has an open-mind and likes poetry of connections.

The first poem is directly inspired by her work and by Gargoyles.

Yes, these guys. I always wanted to write something related to them, but what came out was something unintentional. This poem is  very very rough so if you ever need an example of a bad first draft here it is:


The next poem was more of a technique-based exercise combined with a theme I’ve been mulling over. Ever wonder if there is a right way to fail? Well, there is and I think this poem will explain what I mean.

Failing Better

Anyways, that’s it for this week’s poems. Please, as always, comment with critiques. Thanks.

Peace, love, and pancakes,



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