Hi Everyone,

Today my class had off because Prof. C had to go to Maryland for a literary business trip (the best kind!). So, the class was told to dedicate the time we have off to writing. Truth be told a good portion of the time I used was for resting and relaxing but I soon kicked my little literary butt into gear.

Next week we have to recite two poems: one we wrote and one from an author we admire. My first choice for poems from other authors was Lewis Carroll’s Jabberwocky, simply because Jabberwocky is awesome to recite and to be able to at any given moment would be sweet.

HOWEVER, after I thought about it for a while and realized that for the type of poems I write and the more serious literature that make up the literary cannon, I decided on Emily Dickinson’s 712. It is a marvelous poem that demonstrates one way of envisioning death that is devious in its simplicity.

BUT, I do not like all work and no fun. So to balance off DEATH I wanted to add in something a bit lighter to my repertoire . Still serious in subject matter, but lighter in tone. So here is my second take on Plug in Plug out.

This one is for you Michael Jackson!

Is that all I did for class today?


I liked Dickinson’s poem so much that I decided to use it as a template for a new poem. So here it is for the first time ever: Because!

As always, comments and critiques are welcome. Thanks for the help.





2 thoughts on “OFF-Day

  1. well I have difficulty understanding the conection the T ans the sweater have to the rest of the poem, but beyond that, I think the symbolism is strong, I’m intrigued by the Us refered to in the first stanza, and the poem is both hopeful yet reflecting the past and current unrealized hopes, and some current fears, though it more just hints at that
    I cannot decide if it’s possitive or negative, which is good for a poem, but since I’m your friend I don’t know how I really feel about it.
    an outsider would probably not have that problem…..

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