I’ve read what you’ve thought

I've read what you've thought 
of poetry and prose
of singers and 'hoes
of lovers under covers
of killers, spine chillers

I've heard what you said
of beauty, and human rights
of liberty, and civil fights
of Nixon and his starlet vixens
of Reagan's troupe of satans

and I find it is all 

I've read what you thought
Words churning out faster
than Wall Street stock ticker
So much
cliché propaganda
revised memoranda
reconstituted constitutions 
that don't agree with my
mixed up fucked up

I heard what you said
How, in this digital age 
we're caught in a capital cage 
force to chug down methane 
cutting off oxygen to our brains
while you sit there all nice
prettier than sugar and spice
regurgitating bubble gum lyrics
hoping to lift up whose spirts?

All you 

So yeah,
I've read what you thought
I heard what you said

and it is all fucking trite
'cause nothing is alright. 

So keep making millions
upon billion upon trillions

while the rest of us 
get read for the fight. 

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