A Song Called Happiness

A Song Called Happiness

asthmatic lungs push air between the untrained larynx


a thick-tongued hiss between thin lips


arrhythmic inhalation and ventilation

is a lot like

ribs rattling through exhalation


a guttural groan gurgles up

let it be

waning into a whisper

you can’t make it come

sound slips

or go




without fades
man-made trails snake through man-made parks as I follow the sound of water
within renews
cigarette buds sprout between decaying eucalyptus leaves and pine needles
that which is seen
rain pregnant river courses beneath the hardwood bridge and I shiver
nameless birds cry in the canopy as mice dart through blackberry thorns
that which is not
kneeling before the abandoned tunnel dripping I drop the bouquet

To Live or Walang Hiya

To Live or Walang Hiya

She walks look past the Titas tumingin sa wearing a cartoon T-shirt nagmumurang kamatis skinny jeans tabachoy! smiling bastos embracing the sun negrito Her curly black hair marumi cropped short like a man, naman, pixie cut tomboi Headphones in palalo she sings kahila-hilakbot na boses 

a song called Happiness. 

Gordian Knot (retold)

Gordian Knot (retold)

A computer declared
that any man
who could unravel

The Gordian Knot

with its elaborate twist
and ties, loops and curves,
sinewed fibers, drawn taut
was destined to become

Adam gingerly touched
the knot, tracing
its shape underneath

his trembling hands

He wished to untie it
but struggled
without success

as many others before him

He reasoned
that it would make
no difference

how the knot was loosened

He picked up his knife,
used to filet fish
used to skin rabbits,

and sliced into his ribcage

cutting the Gordian Knot
in a single stroke
removing one rib

just to become