Setting the Price

Please sit down to fill your form
and try to be precise.
I know you just started today
but we must set the price.

Section one determines the base
we need your ancestry
mother, father, grandma and
all the way down the tree.

Don’t skip your gender or your name
Do you plan to change them?
You don’t know? Well, that’s okay.
You can modify them.

Examine sections three to five
Are there any questions?
What is a job? A spouse? A child?
Here are a few suggestions:

Go for healthy decisions first.
Avoid all addictions.
Go to college, get a job, and
avoid causing friction.

If that sounds boring, don’t dispair
we have many options
choose to follow a dream or wish
but do so with caution.

What you decide will cause a stir
even some fluctuation
depending on factors, stocks, bonds,
even the ruling nations.

So much data goes into how
we determine the cost
before sending you on you way
into a lifetime of loss.


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