Leaves change into spice

laced drinks, turtleneck sweaters,

lanterns, raincoats, fall.

Gordian Knot (retold)

Gordian Knot (retold)

A computer declared
that any man
who could unravel

The Gordian Knot

with its elaborate twist
and ties, loops and curves,
sinewed fibers, drawn taut
was destined to become

Adam gingerly touched
the knot, tracing
its shape underneath

his trembling hands

He wished to untie it
but struggled
without success

as many others before him

He reasoned
that it would make
no difference

how the knot was loosened

He picked up his knife,
used to filet fish
used to skin rabbits,

and sliced into his ribcage

cutting the Gordian Knot
in a single stroke
removing one rib

just to become

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This is what I do when I am not writing or working on editing projects. Just for fun, but I feel like it is important to share. Sometimes once we choose a career, especially a creative career, hobbies seem wasteful. Like, why would you do that if you cannot earn money doing it? The market controls our lives, in this way.

When I draw or write for fun, I remember why I wanted to go down this path in the first place, why it matters to me, why I work and live to begin with.

My advice, then, this month is: Work to Live do not Live to Work. Find your joy during, after, and before you go through the chores of adulthood.

We are given an average of 75 years of life. By 25, in the US, we have all our legal rights. That leaves us with 50 years left. Make sure to use those 50 years living.