Writing Prompt for September 29

Been a while since I posted something like this.

For all my writers, scribes, journalists, and everyday peeps, I give you today’s writing prompt:

Describe in extreme detail an object in front of you. Any object you see will do. A coffee cup from Starbucks, a chair, etc. Describe it. Don’t miss any detail. Go as far as describing the smell, taste, make up, chemical compostion, etc.

See how long you can write about one object.

Writing Prompt: Library in Blood


A good friend of mine told me of a new advancement in data storage technology.

It may soon be possible to store an Alexandria size library in a drop of blood.

For today’s writing prompt: Write a story or poem that takes place in a world where non-biological data is stored in DNA.

What kind of non-biological data do most people store? How is it used? How is it accessed? What are the pros and what are the cons? How has this changed the world? For the better? For the worst? Or just the same except cat gifs now play on people’s arms?