Books by, for, and about Ukraine

Things have gotten stranger in our world, to say the least. Amid a pandemic, Russia has invaded Ukraine and this aggression could lead to instability in all of post-Cold War Europe and the world. What can one person do?

The first step, as always, is to educate yourself and others. Context is necessary to understand what is going on in Eastern Europe. To aid in this, I’m presenting a list (in no particular order) of books about Ukraine, by Ukrainian authors, and for Ukrainian citizens. Please read and learn and, when the time comes, be willing to help out.

  1. Gates of Europe A History of Ukraine
  2. Conflict in Ukraine The Unwinding of the Post Cold War Order
  3. Absolute Zero
  4. Midnight in Chernobyl
  5. Red Famine
  6. The Orphanage
  7. Carbide
  8. Our Others: Stories of Ukrainian Diversity
  9. Life Went On Anyway: Stories
  10. Winter Letters and Other Poems
  11. Grey Bees
  12. Fieldwork in Ukrainian Sex
  13. A Biography of Chance Miracle
  14. The Moscoviad
  15. A New Orthography
  16. The Forest Song
  17. Deaf Republic: Poems
  18. The UnSimple
  19. The Museum of Abandoned Secrets
  20. Suite Francaise 

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