Creeping Silver

Vietnam Memorial

on two gabbro walls
reflective stones from India
cut and fabricated in Vermont
Tennessee etched the creeping silver

the creeping silver transposed
onto the black gash of shame
onto the mirror preserving our present
presence as marvelously precious

the creeping silver strands streak
across the faces of weeping widows
weeping widowers, weeping mothers
weeping fathers, weeping children

the creeping silver travels off the walls
visits every state in the nation,
every storefront, every front door
every living room, every crib

the creeping silver grows thicker
longer with each passing bullet
train each resounding report
chilling blood underneath blankets

the creeping silver hides in rubber
soles, in neon cathedrals,
in the finger tips holding this page
close to eyes reflecting creeping silver

Week28Year1 (1st Draft)


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