Journeys in Things Getting Better (slowly but surely)

Yesterday, I posted something extremely personal and also really hard to read (still haven’t re-read it). I figured that I need to write a follow-up posts about/proof of things getting better and how you or someone you love can work things out when they are in crisis mode. So here are some journeys on the path of healing.

First list of journeys!

Forgive yourself for everything, especially things out of your control and yes your brain isn’t in your compelete control; move around, it’s surprising how much that helps; talk to people, but only to a select few ’cause not everyone can help you through this; state your truth knowing that it is not written in stone, you’re not God and those tablets never said you’re worthless; eat something and take your meds on time, sounds simple but damn hard when you’re in crisis; draw, write, sing, dance etc until all ur anger and sadness are gone even if that takes a life time, at least you spent a lifetime making something beautiful; and do small acts of kindness, at least 5 a day, give up ur seat to an elder or a family, do ur housemates dishes without them knowing, write thank you letters, give out food to a homeless person, volunteer somewhere, tell someone that they are loved, etc x20.

Additional journeys!

More Journeys in Getting Better: Treat yourself to something, even if it’s just a cookie or a cupcake (see Kid President on Youtube for reasons why; say thank you to people who helped you in any way (Thanks go out to Camille Dungy, Professor Stec, and Professor Dan Langton for helping me with my MFA applications and for helping me improve as a writer); laugh with a good friend about anything even if it doesn’t make sense out of context (You’re eyes are stupid!); and celebrate every victory knowing that it took a whole lot of people (not just you) to help you get this far. Gratitude helps a lot.

I’m still not close to 75%, negative thoughts continue to drift in and out of my head in rapid succession, but I’m getting there. So, to everyone out there remember: there is hope and even in the darkest of days there is light, even if the light is simply you’re own heart beat or a warm hand holding you up.

Peace, love, and Serenity.

Rosie Logging off.


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