A Friend In Need


This is a Bunny-Toad. Bunny-Toad came out of the mind of one Vencenza Surprise. I’ve know this woman for over 12 years, which means I’ve known her over-half my life. She is a wonderful artist and a courageous person. Yet, like everyone, life happened to her last year. Early 2012, Ven got pertussis. The doctors caught it very late, so late that it damaged her lungs and to this day she has problems breathing. Due to this illness, she was unable to continue her studies at an Atelier in SF, known as the Safehouse. Ever the fighter, Ven got better but she had to quit the Safehouse for her health. After letting herself heal, she now feels strong enough to attend again. Yet, life likes to pull nasty punches. Medical Bills. Family Emergencies. Flooding. You can’t make up half of what she’s been through.

And still she keeps going. By March, she still hopes to go to school and eventually apply as a concept artist to gaming companies.

I’m writing this post to ask all my readers, who can and are willing to, to please help get this artist back to her paintings and fund her education.

Click on Bunny-Toad and give as much as you can.


Thank you.

God bless.


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