A treat for you all: Two new poems (drafts)

Hi everyone,

This is your writer-in-training Rose here. Just finished two new drafts of some poems. One is from another course I’m taking, called Contemporary US Poetry and History. It is in response to Afflicted Girls, a poetry book by Nicole Cooley.

My poem’s working title is “The Rosary Revisited”. Here it is:

Rosary Revisited

The second is from the workshop class. It is much smaller than the other poems because I placed a limit of about seven lines. After last week’s workshop, I decided that this week’s poem should be about facing your anxieties head on . . . well in this case, I did it through a persona poem. Hope you enjoy it:

Loquat Tree

Also, FYI, Loquat trees are flipping awesome in their weirdness.

As always, critiques are welcome. Thank you.

All the best,



4 thoughts on “A treat for you all: Two new poems (drafts)

    1. That darn “o.”
      Duly noted. Thanks again man. Does the tone fit though? Was thinking it sounded too juvenile, like something I’d write in high school…

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