1st poem of the New Year (Draft)

The following is the first poem of the new year. It is also the first poem written for Camile Dungy’s Advanced Poetry class at SFSU. This poem mixes Tagalog with English. It is one of my many attempts to do this well. It is also a poem for my mother. I hope you enjoy it. All constructive criticism is more than welcomed. Thank you.  (o^_^o)

A Prayer on a Ying Yang Rosary

The Rose has Spoken!


2 thoughts on “1st poem of the New Year (Draft)

  1. I sense your mother in this poem, but I also see your loneliness/annoyance at being hapa and no one really recognizing it, at least that’s the feeling I got from the line “Yes, I am.” and from the title, the Ying Yang rosary, which is a symbol of balance, (peace, etc.) but also of two separate halves coming together as one. Of course, I could be just reading into my own experiences.

    On a less intellectual note, Tagalog makes my head hurt.

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