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TOP 100 Books Collected by a Dragon

TOP 100 Books Collected by a Dragon

Welcome to Dragons Den’s 100th post!

To celebrate this monumental occasion, I have collected a list of my top 100 books. Each book on the list is a book that 1) I own, 2) has had a positive impact on my life, and 3) belongs in everyone’s den of books. This list is broken down into categories and is by no means the whole of my personal library. You can check out most of these books at your local bookstore or from the author’s websites.





Misc. (I.E. I wanted to include these just because I love them so.)

Where Trees Fall

Where Trees Fall

Rich nutrients are locked away in fallen trees.
A treasure awaits release in fallen trees.

I harvest corpses: redwood, sycamore, pine, oak.
I cobble together tables from fallen trees.

Bay windows lined with birch watch the canopy wave.
An artificial forest without fallen trees.

Without coarse woody debris the cycle is halt-
edited out dried leaves, fungus spores, fallen trees.

Where trees fall, new growth, one life brings forth a thousand
a nebula, cradle, crafted from fallen trees.